As a quality care provider, our team members have years of experience. Their professional care is above and beyond typical care. We look forward to giving you the best CARE!

Margaret Ann Matlock
Margaret Ann MatlockNPC
Margaret has served in many areas of health care. Her expertise and knowledge are recognized by her peers. Her career included admin, ER nurse, OBGYN, and health provider. As founder and co-chair of Body and Mind Margaret is the heart and soul of this organization.
Autumn Matlock
Autumn MatlockNPC
Daniel C Clark
Daniel C ClarkLife and Emotional Coach
Dan has been providing profession care for over 15 years in a successful private practice. His care and insight are a valuable part of our teams effort to make our CARE for you exceptional.

Margaret A Matlock

“I have spent my 25 year career in health care caring for patients who Are suffering the end effects of chronic physical and mental illness. I often thought as I watched my patients suffer what how would their lives be different if their health had been managed differently. I want to be on the front end Rather than the back end of my patients Health care where I can Lengthen their quality of life through guidance and education. Teaching someone how to properly care for mind and body. Through physical and mental wellness education my patients Will be able to manage Or possibly even avoid their acute and chronic illnesses that damage their health and take their quality of life
This is what came out of my morning meditation” Maraget Matlock

Autumn Matlock

Daniel C Clark

“As a young man I dreamed of making an impact on the world. When I gradated with my Masters in Social work my life changed forever. My new found career became a catalist for my life. Now, 15 yrs later,  my life has become one of influence, joy and satisfaction. The transition into Life Coaching and Functional Medicine fulfills this dream. Seeing families restored, and lives changed is my passion. Being a part of Transformed Life and Health and working with such quality individuals as Dr. Lee, our medical director, and Margaret A Matlock is truly wonderful. ”
Daniel C Clark MSW and Life Coach