Weight Gain

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Weight Regain Worried about weight regain? You should be! Studies have shown up to 50% of bariatric surgery patients regain at least a portion of their weight by the second year after their surgery. I believe that is because nobody talks about the emotional journey that will accompany this physical transformation. Many people will go through a phase of some depression as you have lost [...]

Weight Loss Surgery FAQs

By |September 19, 2021|Categories: Bariatric Surgery, FAQ, General|

WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY FAQ’s Medical tourism means having procedures or getting your medical care in another country. There are rarely any pre and post-op care programs for these patients. I have been in healthcare for over 20 years and [...]


By |September 19, 2021|Categories: Bariatric Surgery, FAQ, General|

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions based on our personal experience as well as research from Princeton Health, the University of North Carolina Health, and the National Institute of Health. Mindfully Simple Life is here [...]

Radical Acceptance

By |September 2, 2021|Categories: Bariatric Surgery, Emotions|

Radical Acceptance Radical acceptance is a little bit like forgiveness, but it's a little bit different. Radical acceptance means that it is what it is. The things that you cannot change are just going to be that way. My [...]

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