Medical tourism means having procedures or getting your medical care in another country. There are rarely any pre and post-op care programs for these patients.

I have been in healthcare for over 20 years and I’m currently a nurse practitioner working in an emergency room. I see post bariatric surgical patients in the emergency room who are struggling with mostly normal post op issues that they just don’t have any guidance for.

I had weight-loss surgery in Mexico in 2012. Although they had a wonderful program and took very good care of me during the time I was in Mexico, I recognized that the pre-op and post-op phases were confusing and lacking in the care, education, and support that we here in America are accustomed to. After I was approved for surgery, I received my pre-op diet information and was told I would be picked up at the San Diego airport. After my surgery and a short stay, I was dropped back off at the same spot and given a number to call in case I had any questions or problems. I was surprised that there was not a post-op program to help me through that time, I had just had major surgery and was told to call with any questions. If you made the decision to have this major surgery, you are going to have questions about the pre op, post op, and long-term maintenance stages.

I struggled with the pre and post-op diet and nutritional needs after my surgery. There were changes happening to my body and mind that I didn’t understand and was not prepared for. I had very little energy, became depressed, and anemic. I was unsure if what I was going through was normal or if I was even doing this right. I was scared to talk to too many people about it because of the shame associated with weight loss surgery, especially in a foreign country. I mean I had made the decision to go to Mexico and have surgery, so I felt as though it was my fault if something went wrong. I felt scared and alone.

For these reasons we decided to create a program called Mindfully Simple Life that will help guide and support you with accurate information as you are going through your immediate pre and post op phases as well as long term post-op weight and health maintenance.