Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my very first ever blog! Very exciting! My name is Margaret Matlock, my business partner/life coach Dan Clark and I formed our business together called Transformed Life and Health about a year ago. We have been working on our Mindfully Simple Life program that focuses on educating, supporting, and coaching pre and post bariatric (weight-loss) surgery patients.

Outgrowing my big girl pants is about how I slowly discovered the importance of becoming emotionally healthy as I became physically healthy. My mind had to grow as my body was shrinking in order for me to be successful long term.

I was very surprised about the emotional changes I was going through that I never considered or was made aware of. The next several years I went through a life-changing transition with many physical and emotional struggles. My family was supportive and caring but they just didn’t know what I was going through or exactly how to help. By the 5th or 6th year anniversary of my surgery I had gained back half my weight that I worked so hard to lose and was emotionally overwhelmed and saddened by what I viewed as my failure. I thought “what the heck??” I had made it through the surgery, lost the weight, and thought this was never going to be an issue for me again. I thought that I had conquered my obesity.

I began seeing a life coach that was recommended to me because I was depressed and overwhelmed with life. Thankfully this changed everything for me. I learned that there were parts of me that were broken from years ago, and that I could heal myself with the care and education my life coach provided me. Our relationship with food begins early in our lives. If we were raised in poverty or maybe in overabundance. Shamed or unable to meet expectations that were expected of us or maybe didn’t feel safe or secure. I learned that those broken parts were not really my fault and but that I had the ability to choose how they affected my life. Most of the emotional baggage I worked through I had not even thought of in years, but that energy was stored inside my mind and needed to come out for me to heal and move forward. I learned how to be kind and patient with myself and respect my feelings and my body. I learned new coping mechanisms that didn’t involve eating and sabotaging my health and weight.

Over the next year I got my mind in the right place and lost the weight I had regained. I set necessary boundaries with myself and others that were a long time coming, a lifetime coming. When I look back at this journey I have been on, I would actually not change a thing. The experiences and adversities I have endured have made me who I am today, I love who I am now. It has little to do with the number on the scale and a lot to do with the person who looks back at me in the mirror. My worth is not a number on a scale. I am currently at my goal weight, fluctuate 3-4 pounds here and there and when my weight is up a bit I pull in the reigns. That’s being mindful. I go out to eat and drink alcohol occasionally, I don’t always move my body as much as I should or could, but I monitor myself by how I feel. If I feel bad then I change something instead of living in that state of misery, overwhelmed and depressed. I do not accept that for myself anymore. It’s no longer even an option for me because I am going to live my best life.