Why did I do that? If I were just more disciplined, I would be a lot farther along in life. We have all said that too ourselves.  Actualåly we could probably say that about anything. With more discipline, we would be just about anywhere farther along than where we are right now.

Discipline is something we all struggle with.

I’ve discovered that three things make a difference in the discipline. These are areas that I try to focus on in my own life, and I want to share them with you.

The first area is the active discipline period now, and I love this idea because it’s about being in the moment now. I practice often being in the moment. That means being present period, you know being with someone who was right there with you right now fully present is unusual period this is called active discipline.. This means that when they are with you, they are disciplining themselves not to be focused on anything else, to be distracted or looking at something else, or not paying attention to you. Still, they are actively disciplining themselves to be present at the moment.

There’s also means active discipline is about actively being disciplined when you finish the task you’re doing. It means you’re disciplined until you’re done with the charge that could be active listening can be actively finishing the project, but whatever it is, you are actively working on the project at the moment. Dynamic discipline is very important because it means that we do not get distracted until we are completed the discipline that we wanted to do

The following discipline is reactive discipline. This is where we are reacting to the current environment with discipline. It means we’ve decided in advance how we’re going to react when certain situations show up. One of the ways to do this is to have if-then statements. If this happens, then I’m going to do that. This works well in weight loss because we prepare ourselves for those moments when we are bored or eating out of habit, forgetting ourselves doing those things that we don’t need to be doing. Still, we have a habit of doing them anyway. Reactive discipline is about learning to react appropriately to surprises or internal dialogue with ourselves to keep us on track. This reactive discipline is essential and takes practice period it works best to be a list of things you are going to do when you have a choice concerning reactive discipline.

The last thing I want to talk about is the productive discipline period now per active discipline means that you’ve already decided in advance the things that you want to be disciplined about your proactive. Your proactive like doing a intermittent fast. You’re proactive about not eating sugar. You were proactive about not eating sweets or disciplining yourself about coffee or exercise. Proactive means that you’ve made a decision about how you’re going to behave in the future, and you’ll keep to that discipline. Proactive discipline is very important because it keeps us on track and the best way to keep us on track is to keep track of what we’re disciplining. In other words, to be proactive, you really need to have a list to track how well you’re doing. Discipline isn’t that hard if you spend time thinking it through and monitoring what you’re doing.